Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Extracting information from databases

Today, I learnt to use one new online databases is Emerald and refreshed to use other databases. There are very important for my study.

In my opinion, One important think of information searching is try to define the topic which I need to find to create search terms. Moreover, comparing search results from other resources.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Advice for interviewing

In order to succed in a interview, it may be useful to follow the next advices:

-Get an idea of the entire topic before approaching the client.
-Try to create open questions that will enable your client to better explain the brief with more detail
-Try to make notes while interviewing, as well to record the session for further analysis
-Quickly review the answers in order to see if you have a new question related to the previous answer.
-Summarise the answers to the client if everything was proper understood.
-Be polite and always have eye contact

Regarding our team T feedback, they suggested the following

- Create yes or no questions, so that the client won't feel overwhelmed with the session
-Despite saying the interview that location was not important as a requirement, turns out that at the end it was. Leading this to some confussion, therefore is important to always make a review at the end of the interview to avoid this situations.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Things 13 favourite things

Sina Micro-blog

Sina micro blog was launched by Sina site in 2009, which provide services like Twitter micro-blog site. Users can publish private information and upload pictures through page, WAP page, SMS/MMS messages. Sina micro-blog can be understood as a "micro blog" or "word blog". Users can conclude a sentence from things which they saw, heard and thought, then send to their friends to let them know at the first time. You can also concerned about your friends' information which they released. As the end of October, 2010, the amount of Sina micro-blog reached 50 million, also 25 million micro blog are published by users everyday. Therefore, it can provide a communication stage to promote the users to exchange information. Plus, the most feature of Sina micro-blog is that there are so many public celebrity in this stage which include famous sport stars, business executives and media people, they renew the private information continually.

Information Literacy in Future Career (poster)

Our poster represents our team mate Titima's career path. The poster uses circles to represent the different stages. The poster starts at the centre with Bangkok (where she lives) and progresses outwards in stages to the rest of the world. Basically she has a job at National S & T Development Agency in which she intends to share and train the knowledge and experience she will gain in this course to her co- workers. After that, the next objective is to start an IL community in Thailand, in this stage she will create an awareness of the concept. Her next stage is to spread IL to public and private sectors within Thailand. And last but not least, the most difficult step will be to make an impact in the world and make many persons around the world Information Literate. This poster used arrows to mark all directions, in other words, we wanted to represent that one person can make a difference.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thing 13: Favourite Things

DokuWiki (http://www.dokuwiki.org)

DokuWiki is a wiki application which can be used to support social learning and online collaboration. Many people and organizations use them to create online encyclopaedia, knowledge management system, and intranet site.

I has used DokuWiki for my work. My organization is Science and Technology Knowledge Services. We have used DokuWiki as a tool to set up:
1. Intranet site to manage our projects. (http://stks.or.th/intranet)
2. Knowledge management system to share our knowledge, experiences, and publications. (http://stks.or.th/wiki)
3. Paperless Office such as when we have a meeting, we do not to print agenda and meeting report. Because anyone can read, write, edit, and comment directly.

I recommend this application because:
1. Open Source Software is a low/free cost.
2. Easy to install, set up, and maintain.
3. Easy to start and use, because it has a simple syntax and no need to know HTML.
4. It allows democratic expression of ideas. You can share unfinished content early, exposed to many eyes who can help you to edit.
5. Many plug-ins.
6. Unlimited page revisions.
7. Uploading and embedding of images and other media, including link pages.
7. Content can be categorized in namespaces, easily browsable through an automatic index.
8. Support for over 50 languages.
9. There have community to share problems and experiences.

Thing 13 - Favourite Things

My favourite thing - flickr

It's a great site for sharing photographs. It will host your photographs for free. You can then share with family and friends. Or if you want to, share with everyone.

You can also

  • view other people's photos

  • use other people's photos - license permitting

  • join community groups

  • post and comment on discussions

Thing 13: Favourite Things


Since 2006 Twitter has change the world's communication tendencies. Its 140 characters trademark made microblogging fun and different. Celebrities, politicians and world leaders, made Twitter their predilected channel of communication. Ideas, comments, responses, news and official announcements are made through this mean. Anyone can have an account and feel connected through this efficient yet convinient way of communication.

The main idea here is to gain followers and follow people in order to get their "real time" information or thoughts. Some people find Twitter as a great way to get promotion or popularity, others just use it as a personal tool that lets you "think out loud" and release yourself.

A great thing of it, is that you can see what the world or a specific country is "talking" or commenting about. They use the "#" to declare trend topics . ie: #royalwedding. This method helps the gathering of information easier and you can learn everyday what is important in that specific place of the world.

I highly recommend this is you have access to internet through yout mobile phone, otherwise its not that exciting. Twitter for me its not the same from a computer than from my mobile.