Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Information Universe : Information Resources.

To make an easy understanding, I would like to show my experience about finding information to select ELTC project topic.

Experience of finding information
Last 2 month, I had to make an ELTC project. When I knew from my English tutor that I had to make a personal project and he gave the guideline to me. The first thing that I made that read and analyzed the project instruction such as project components, and project submitted. Moreover I asked some questions with my tutor to made sure that I would go to the right way.

The first times I would like to made a project about the significant problems of disable people in Thailand. I tried to find information from many sources before choose the project topic as:

Firstly of all, I used my background as an information officer that I used to meet and interview library users about the problem of disable people with library. The I used University of Sheffield Library OPAC and online databases to browsed resources in library which related to my project. After I had list of resources in library, I selected some of books and journal articles to read and got more idea. Furthermore, I accessed websites to got more information both commercial and non-commercial websites such as government websites, including blog and wikis with had information about library and disable people. Finally, I used social networking as Facebook to discuss with my co-workers in Thailand to get some feedback about my project.

Types of reference
Word of mouth
Library OPAC
Online database
Journal article
Search engine

From the references that mentioned above can be divided by basic catagories of information sources as:
People - Word of mouth
Databases - Library OPAC and Online databases such as ScienceDirect
Documents - Book, Journal article, e-journal, e-article
Search engine - Google
Technology - Blog, Wiki, and Facebook

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