Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Information Universe preparation - Sophie

I hope this isn't too non-academic, but I thought I'd write about the range of information sources I might use prior to booking a holiday.
Part 1 - experience of finding information
Firstly, I'd ask friends where they went and their experiences.
I might go to a travel agent to pick up some brochures. Then on to a library to pick up some travel guides for free. Perhaps, later to a bookshop for my own copy. Then using the guide or a telephone directory, I'd request further information from a public body like the local tourist board.
Having narrowed down my search to destination, I'd look for the best deal using comparison websites such as
Now I'd want to know what previous holiday makers thought and read their reviews on websites like I'd also look at travel blogs.
I might go to flickr and utube to see images and videos.
I'd certainly like to know more about the climate and would check out the current temperature from the met office. If going abroad, I might keep an eye on foreign exchange rates by watching the live currency markets online.
I'd go to the website of the holiday company I'd chosen and search their databases for availability. Finally, having selected my holiday, I'd visit the individual hotel / resort website.
And through all of this, I've probably used Google, if for nothing else, to help me find the web addresses of the sites I wanted to visit.
Part 2 - types of reference
Word of mouth
User guides
Catalogues, printed and online
Directories, printed and online
Databases, static and real-time
Search engines
Comparison websites
User review websites
Commercial and non-commercial websites

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