Monday, October 3, 2011


Regarding my experience, I usually collect and gather so many different information through my work and routine activities. Obviously, there is various kinds' infoemation that we can usually contact. As following,

1. Academic source: this is the most commom type in our studying because it is formal that we can easy to review. There are several kinds about it which include books (published), articles and newspapers. It si authoritative that most of people can accept it. Plus, most of it is easy to seek; we can fid it through the internet or in library.

2. Movie:this type of information is a popular one for young people. Movie as a high density od information type that can promote more people to understand the content convenience.

3. Media:e.g AD, magazine and TV program that also is a type of information, this information can be found in our routine activity.

4. Communication: communication is an efficient way for information exchange. Obviously, the word is subject of information.

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