Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reflection of the day: What is good info?

Today, while reflecting my personal thoughts about what does "information literacy" means to me, I'd came to the initial question of: first of all, what do I consider as good info and furthermore, how can I conclude it is, in fact "good info"?

It is a little bit confusing, but I really think its very interesting to answer that question, and then ask it to someone else, results may amaze you. I have to confess I love diversity. I think that thanks to that, we learn interesting things all the time. In my personal experience, just by the fact of sharing my flat with vietnamiese, greek and an african girl; I can surley say I learn EVERY day. I love this, it has been very pleasant to learn traditions, words and different kinds of food.

Now, lets go back to the basic question: what do I consider good info, and why? Well, the answer is simple, I consider good info something that makes me complement my knowledge in a positive way. By positive way, I refer to what makes me feel hungry to learn more. Things that make me hungry to learn? Well, that's different to all of us, but mostly technology.

I'm sure that by the end of the semester, I might change my opinion and also will complement my knowledge in this topic, so lets just wait for it and continue to reflect on different topics. Also, lets hope that next time, I find the right meaning to information literacy.

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  1. Hello, I like your reflection of the day! I like the part about feeling hungry to learn more, because that´s exactly what students need in order to be successful in their studies. Otherwise school is just painful. Talk to you later!
    Your #1 fan.