Sunday, October 9, 2011

Structured Abstact

Hi everyone, this is my first attempt of doing an individual structured abstract. I will love some feedback. This was for the article titled:

Information Encountering: It's more that just bumping into information.

Background: The article was conducted by Sandra Erdelez, in which she introduces the lector to the concept of information encounter.

Aims: It is certain that one of the aims of this article is to create conscience in how people encounter information. As well, explain how this concept may have different applications for further investigations to improve the understanding of information behavior.

Method: The author created a study that involved participants that answered diverse questions related to the ways they encountered information in past experiences.

Results: Erdelez states four elements for the anatomy of information encountering that gives a small framework to the understanding of this concept. Also, she introduces to four information encountering profile types. This specific concepts explain how people tend to encounter information.

Conclusion: Information encountering is a very wide concept that needs more attention in order to facilitate certain users to obtain punctual information. There are several areas of applications that may lead to the awareness of this subject. This may create new opportunities for researchers to understand the existing models of information acquisition, in order to help users in their information encountering experiences.

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