Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Structured abstract: Information encountering

Structured abstract exercise of “Information Encountering : It’s more Than Just Bumping into Information” by Sanda Erdelez.

Background: The author gives the concept of information encountering and mentions to current status of research in Library and Information Science (LIS), especially information acquisition behavior. Most of researchers concentrated to fundamentally and lacking mention to information encountering because they think it is difficult to study.

Aims: The study aimed to support information encountering research, especially in LIS. Moreover, identification about the term of types of information acquisition.

Methods:The authors interviewed personal experiences of the participants and connected to their actions, feeling, and thoughts.

Results: The types of information encounterer : non-encounterers, occasional encounterers, encounterers, and super- encounterers. Furthermore, the majority of her participants could recall their past experiences which most of information encountering happened when they performed routine activities in many environments. In addition positive experiences after encountered information might change user information future patterns of information acquisition behavior. Finally, information-seeking was process-oriented information acquisition which did not a term for all types of them.

Conclusion: The author claims that LIS should be develop models of user information behavior, especially including of information encountering. Moreover LIS researchers should study more through further research.

Bo and Titima

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