Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thing 13: Favourite Things


Since 2006 Twitter has change the world's communication tendencies. Its 140 characters trademark made microblogging fun and different. Celebrities, politicians and world leaders, made Twitter their predilected channel of communication. Ideas, comments, responses, news and official announcements are made through this mean. Anyone can have an account and feel connected through this efficient yet convinient way of communication.

The main idea here is to gain followers and follow people in order to get their "real time" information or thoughts. Some people find Twitter as a great way to get promotion or popularity, others just use it as a personal tool that lets you "think out loud" and release yourself.

A great thing of it, is that you can see what the world or a specific country is "talking" or commenting about. They use the "#" to declare trend topics . ie: #royalwedding. This method helps the gathering of information easier and you can learn everyday what is important in that specific place of the world.

I highly recommend this is you have access to internet through yout mobile phone, otherwise its not that exciting. Twitter for me its not the same from a computer than from my mobile.

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