Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thing 13: Favourite Things

DokuWiki (http://www.dokuwiki.org)

DokuWiki is a wiki application which can be used to support social learning and online collaboration. Many people and organizations use them to create online encyclopaedia, knowledge management system, and intranet site.

I has used DokuWiki for my work. My organization is Science and Technology Knowledge Services. We have used DokuWiki as a tool to set up:
1. Intranet site to manage our projects. (http://stks.or.th/intranet)
2. Knowledge management system to share our knowledge, experiences, and publications. (http://stks.or.th/wiki)
3. Paperless Office such as when we have a meeting, we do not to print agenda and meeting report. Because anyone can read, write, edit, and comment directly.

I recommend this application because:
1. Open Source Software is a low/free cost.
2. Easy to install, set up, and maintain.
3. Easy to start and use, because it has a simple syntax and no need to know HTML.
4. It allows democratic expression of ideas. You can share unfinished content early, exposed to many eyes who can help you to edit.
5. Many plug-ins.
6. Unlimited page revisions.
7. Uploading and embedding of images and other media, including link pages.
7. Content can be categorized in namespaces, easily browsable through an automatic index.
8. Support for over 50 languages.
9. There have community to share problems and experiences.

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