Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Extracting information from databases

Today, I learnt to use one new online databases is Emerald and refreshed to use other databases. There are very important for my study.

In my opinion, One important think of information searching is try to define the topic which I need to find to create search terms. Moreover, comparing search results from other resources.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Advice for interviewing

In order to succed in a interview, it may be useful to follow the next advices:

-Get an idea of the entire topic before approaching the client.
-Try to create open questions that will enable your client to better explain the brief with more detail
-Try to make notes while interviewing, as well to record the session for further analysis
-Quickly review the answers in order to see if you have a new question related to the previous answer.
-Summarise the answers to the client if everything was proper understood.
-Be polite and always have eye contact

Regarding our team T feedback, they suggested the following

- Create yes or no questions, so that the client won't feel overwhelmed with the session
-Despite saying the interview that location was not important as a requirement, turns out that at the end it was. Leading this to some confussion, therefore is important to always make a review at the end of the interview to avoid this situations.