Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Advice for interviewing

In order to succed in a interview, it may be useful to follow the next advices:

-Get an idea of the entire topic before approaching the client.
-Try to create open questions that will enable your client to better explain the brief with more detail
-Try to make notes while interviewing, as well to record the session for further analysis
-Quickly review the answers in order to see if you have a new question related to the previous answer.
-Summarise the answers to the client if everything was proper understood.
-Be polite and always have eye contact

Regarding our team T feedback, they suggested the following

- Create yes or no questions, so that the client won't feel overwhelmed with the session
-Despite saying the interview that location was not important as a requirement, turns out that at the end it was. Leading this to some confussion, therefore is important to always make a review at the end of the interview to avoid this situations.

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